PHOTOS: Beach House crosses sonic dimensions at the Fox

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Photos: Chloe Catajan

OAKLAND — Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House opened its two-night stay at the Fox Theater with a sold-out show on Tuesday. Vocalist-keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally, along with touring drummer James Barone, appeared as silhouettes, set against erratic stage lights.

Beach House opened with “L’inconnue,” off 2018 release 7. It had an eerie ring that amplified the group’s enigmatic presence.

Beach House
Sounds of Ceres

8 p.m., Wednesday
Fox Theater in Oakland

Next came “Silver Soul” from Teen Dream, whose twirling guitar and atmospheric vocals by Legrand brought out the band’s signature sound. But immediately changing the pace, Beach House broke into full sonic rush with “Lazuli,” off 2012’s Bloom, and new cut “Dark Spring.”

Beach House, Victoria Legrand

Beach House performs at the Fox Theater in Oakland on August 7, 2018.

The indie reverie luminaries followed with “Space Song,” which prompted fans to get louder. A perfect blend of bubblegum synths and weepy riffs, the Depression Cherry hit was a mesmerizingly ethereal personification of falling in love again. As the production switched between a starlit backdrop and a layered live feed, the experience felt convincingly like floating through galaxies.

“We’re going to do a little time travel,” Legrand called out to fans between songs.

Beach House continued to dive into its archive, eventually hitting all seven releases. The band plays a different setlist every show, so many songs came as a pleasant surprise. Some other dug-up gems from the Tuesday show included “Heart of Chambers,” off 2008’s Devotion, “Wishes,” off Bloom and “Elegy to the Void,” off 2015’s Thank Your Lucky Stars.

“Oakland and San Francisco has always been a special place,” Legrand said before going into the encore.

Sound of Ceres

Sound of Ceres.

The finale consisted of three songs, which started with saccharine, yet somber “Saltwater.” Scally introduced the track as the first song ever written by the group. The group then capped the night in a cosmic surge, ending with “Walk in the Park” and “Dive.”

Openers Sound of Ceres, from Fort Collins, Colorado played a visually interactive set of ambient shoegaze. The trio, all members of dream-pop outfit Candy Claws, was mainly illuminated by a huge fiberoptic centerpiece that projected different shapes. Sound of Ceres also had tricks up its sleeve that captivated fans. The group performed different illusions, such as creating and vanishing specks of light with a literal snap of a finger.


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