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RIFF is the “why” in music journalism. We approach music coverage differently. Started by newspaper, TV and radio journalists to pick up the slack left behind by crumbling traditional media but without disposing its find-the-story-at-all-costs doggedness and respect for language, RIFF’s unique mission is to tell the best story, to influence opinion and to cultivate talent. Our editorial management team is composed of journalists, many with names you may recognize. Our contributors are musicians and music industry veterans who know what they’re talking about. RIFF also cultivated a training ladder with San Francisco State University, giving journalism students real-world experience. Our operations team comes from the tech world, engaging our audience in new, innovative ways. RIFF is run by newspaper veterans Roman Gokhman and Daniel J. Willis (Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times).

Roman Gokhman

Roman Gokhman


Daniel J Willis

Daniel J. Willis
Managing Editor

Chloe Catajan

Chloe Catajan
Live Coverage Editor

Max Heilman

Max Heilman
New Music Editor

Punitma Malhotra

Punitma Malhotra
Website Director


Kyle Kohner

David Gill

Mike DeWald

Nick Gumas

Matthew Eaton

Piper Westrom

Tarandeep Kaur

Rick Starbuck

Lea Blevins

Vic Silva

Hector Aguilar

Alicia Kamenick

Zachary James

Justin Allen

Brent Hankins


Gary Chancer
Sr. Photographer

Alessio Neri

Karen Goldman

Steve Carlson

Kate Vides

Daniel Lee

Jane Hu

Martin Lacey

Joaquin Cabello

Shawn Robbins

Lauren Low

Norm de Veyra

Sean Liming

Jennifer Gokhman, Copy chief
Jan Montry, Copy editor

All-Star alumni

Nick DiCicco (co-founder)
Celine Teo-Blockey
Brandi Smith

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